August 8, 2023

Meet the A1 Travel Team: Featuring Owner Sandy DeGonda

Written by:
A1 Travel

Some of you know us - from booking with us, chatting on the phone, stopping by the office, etc. But we thought it would be fun to interview and feature each of us here on the blog so you can learn something new about us!

So without further ado, here's our first "Meet the A1 Travel Team," featuring our lovely owner, Sandy!

Sandy poses at the sign for her own personal island in Anguilla!

Q. Why did you decide to get into the travel industry?  

A. I had wanted to be a flight attendant, but a friend talked me into being a travel agent, and here I am 40 years later and still loving it!

Q. Tell me about a trip you've taken recently that you recommend!  

A. Anguilla was by far the best trip my husband Mark and I have taken.  Lovely resorts and beaches, and everyone is so friendly. And oh, we ate fresh lobster on the beach daily.

Q. Which exotic, far away spot is on your bucket list?  

A. Bali is on my dream list.

Q. Are you great at packing light, or do you have to sit on your suitcase to get it to zip?  

A. I am the very worst packer ever.  I end up being over 50 pounds on every trip!

Q. What's your favorite animal?  

A. My goldendoodle Char Char!

Q. Coffee or wine? (Or both?)

A. Wine for sure....not a coffee drinker but have been drinking TAB since Jr. High.

Q. What's next on your personal travel schedule?  

A. Aruba in October.

Q. Time for a staycation! What's your favorite part about Minnesota in the summer?  

A. We love boating with friends on Lake Minnetonka and going to my BFF's cabin on Lake Vermillion!

Q. Which food can't you live without?  

A. Number 11 at Broder's Pasta Bar

Q. Dogs or cats?

 A. Dogs all the way