August 8, 2023

Meet the A1 Travel Team: Featuring Agent Monique Delph

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A1 Travel

It's Friday, so you know what that means! It's time for another edition of "Meet the A1 Travel Team!" This week, we feature Monique. She specializes in both corporate and leisure travel here at the agency.

So let's get to know Monique!

We love celebrating birthdays here at A1 Travel. Here's Monique with her birthday cake back in May!

1. Why did you decide to get into the travel industry?   

I started by working as a front desk agent with Ramada hotels. I then became a reservationist with Ramada and then a receptionist with a travel agency. I became very interested in the work the actual agents were doing and took computer lessons during my lunch break and after work. When the agency downsized later, I was retained as an agent since I was crossed trained as both the receptionist and an agent. The agency then expanded again and I became a full time agent.

2. Tell me about a trip you've taken recently that you recommend!   

My favorite location is Kauai. I am a bit enthralled with Hawaii. I love the fact that you feel as though you are in a completely different country even though you are still actually within the U.S. I’m not sure that can be duplicated in any other location. I find the culture, music and dance enchanting. I am truly moved by their stories and music. I haven’t had a visit, yet, where I haven’t gotten choked up by some type of cultural event. And then there is the scenic beauty in every direction and at every turn.

3. Which exotic, far away spot (or spots, plural) is on your bucket list?

Italy and Ireland

4. Are you great at packing light, or do you have to sit onyour suitcase to get it to zip?

I am a light packer and I roll instead of fold.

5. What's your favorite animal?

Cats, both domesticated, and the big cats of the wild as well.

6. Coffee or wine? (Or both?)  

Both. Coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon and evening.

7. Tell me about a unique trip you've planned for a client, recently.

I love working on surprise trips planned for someone special. It is exciting to be a part of a memorable moment in others' lives.

One trip that comes to mind, however, was not a surprise but just a family connect time trip. I had a mother,father and young adult daughter that I worked with to do intensive touring in Israel. I made arrangements for their flights and hotels with a couple of tours for their first couple of days right in Jerusalem, but then I connected them with a private driver/guide that picked them up in Jerusalem and took them off the beaten path for a week to experience unique adventures. They had a fantastic time and it was fun to hear their feedback about the trip when they returned.

She isn't kidding about loving Hawaii! Monique and Dana pose at a Hawaiian Tourism Board event.

8. What's next on your personal travel schedule?

I don’t have anything planned beyond traveling this year with the Rosemount High School marching band to watch every performance through my son’s senior year that begins in the fall.

9. Which food can't you live without?

Cheese (and I am not from Wisconsin)!

10. Favorite kind of music?

I just like music in general. I enjoy all types, really…A Capella (Home Free Vocal Band!), country, gospel, jazz, blues, Reggae, classical, and oldies.