July 19, 2019

Meet the A1 Travel Team: Featuring Agent Maureen McKamey

Written by:
Maureen McKamey

Hi, everyone! The weekend is almost here. These past couple weeks, I've been 'interviewing' my coworkers so that all of you can learn a little more about the great group of people here at A1 Travel! This week is my week to be featured. I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary at A1 Travel last month, and have had incredible mentors in Sandy and Monique. I've learned so much from them!

So here's a little about me:

1. Why did you decide to get into the travel industry?  

I made a career change a few years ago. Formerly a TV news anchor and producer (for the 9 PM news on KEYC-TV in Mankato, most recently), I decided to leave the newsroom and pursue my other passion: travel. I went to The Travel Academy in Eagan for about three months and was cross-trained in a number of travel industry jobs. I have friends who are now working as flight attendants or on cruise ships. I knew from the start that I wanted to be a travel agent, and now, here I am! 


2. Tell me about a trip you've taken recently that you recommend!    

This spring, I took my first trip to South America, on a visit to Cartagena, Colombia. The Caribbean coastal city is so colorful and vibrant, with addicting food, music, drinks and culture. I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone looking for a beach destination that also has lots of history.

Exploring an old fort in Cartagena, Colombia, with my husband, Brian.


3. Which exotic, far away spot is on your bucket list?

Call me crazy, but I've wanted to go to Iran for a really long time. It may be awhile before that happens, given the current geopolitical climate, but the country offers everything from amazingly beautiful natural vistas to ruins and remains of ancient empires. (Oh, and good food. I'm sort of a geek about trying new food when I travel!) 


4. Are you great at packing light, or do you have to sit on your suitcase to get it to zip?

Let's just say that I just got back from a 2-day work trip in Atlanta where I brought five pairs of shoes.

5. What's your favorite animal?

It's a tie between Siberian tigers and wolves.

6. Coffee or wine? (Or both?)

I'm a recovering coffee addict. The wine, I can't part with, though! 

Walking through vineyards in northwestern Spain's Bierzo wine region.


7. What's your favorite part about working for A1 Travel?

There would have been no better place to start my new career. I was so lucky to be hired by Sandy and Mark, and have learned so much from the other agents here. I know I'm not the first (or last) of us to say this, but it feels like a family around here.


8. Tell me about a unique trip you've planned for a client, recently.    

I love planning destination weddings, but I got to help plan a very unique one, recently. The bride and groom got married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, but then they flew to St. Lucia for their honeymoon! It was the first time I had had newlyweds leave the resort where they got married for a completely different island. And while the travel logistics were interesting (believe it or not, there weren't any nonstop flights between the islands, and the couple actually had to connect back in Miami), they ended up with a pretty spectacular experience.


9. What's next on your personal travel schedule?

Ireland in October! I'll be joining Celtic Tours, one of our favorite tour operators in Ireland, for a guided tour of the Emerald Isle.


10. Favorite kind of music?

I'm an old soul. My last concert was when James Taylor was in town. I also love The Beatles; anything Motown (but especially Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder); singer-songwriters like Carole King; and classic rock. I'm not really up on what's new and hot these days, because when I'm not listening to the oldies station, my radio dial is tuned to Minnesota Public Radio!